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Founded in 1888, Roslyn Wakari AFC stands as one of the most enduring soccer clubs in New Zealand. Boasting a membership of over 700 players, this club holds the distinction of being among the largest in the South Island. The primary goal of our club is to consistently foster the joy of playing soccer across all age groups.


our people

Nigel has been a member of RWAFC for 17 years since he moved to Dunedin, starting off as a social player and a Junior coach. Over the years, he has taken on various roles within the club, and currently serves as a committee member, bar and facilities manager, and one of the senior women’s coaches. If you’re interested in utilizing the club for an event, get in touch with Nigel.

Nigel Benn

Co President

Dan joined Roslyn Wakari in 1988 at age 7, he played through until the end of 1993 when he headed off to High School, not returning till 2013 (he wasn’t at High School for 20yrs apparently). Currently he can be found Managing the Women’s Prems and helping out the Originals when called upon. Interesting fact he still has his First Ever Roslyn Shirt!!

Dan Todd

Co President

Belinda has been an integral member of the RW Club since 2007 playing in the Women’s Social Grades. Within the committee, Belinda served as the Junior Coordinator from 2020-23. Besides her passion for football, Belinda takes pleasure in maintaining her fitness both on and off the field.

Belinda Hunsche


Brie has been a member of Roslyn Wakari AFC for 23 years as a player and a coach. She is a mother to two young children who are football mad and who both play for Roslyn Wakari Juniors.

Brie Barclay

Junior Co-ordinator

Mark is a Chartered Accountant and has been a member of RW for 20 years actively participating and affiliating himself with different teams over the years, currently he is a member of the Cowboys and Originals. As a committee member, Mark’s responsibilities include managing the club’s finances.

Mark Kliegl


Wayne played for Roslyn from 1986-1991, then taught and served as a principal for 25 years across NZ. He returned in 2016, now playing for the Moas in the 45+ grade and leading as president. Alongside football, Wayne runs an education consultancy and receives support from passionate volunteers in his multifaceted role.

Wayne Facer

Sponsorship Convener

Jenna has been playing Women’s social grade football for Roslyn Wakari AFC since 2010. She works in digital marketing and teaches various styles of Yoga. Jenna’s committee role includes managing the social media, branding and communications for RWAFC. 

Jenna McLaughlin

Social Media

Kushla has been playing at Roslyn Wakari for approximately 27 years, participating in various teams. She previously assisted with the committee and bar operations. Currently, Kushla’s main responsibility is to act as a liaison between the club and its female players. She communicates and assess their experiences and how the club can improve their footballing journey.

Kushla Glover

Women’s Club Captain

Colin Thom (Wal), is Roslyn Wakari’s Men’s Club Captain. In his spare time he loves to tell jokes and build National award winning homes. He is proud to be the Club Captain, feel free to contact Colin on any RW matters, he is here to help.

Colin Thom

Men’s Club Captain

Zara has been a member of RWAFC since 2019 and has played for the Women’s Premier team since 2021. Currently in her final year of high school, she devotes a significant portion of her time to playing school, club, and national league football.

Zara Pratley


Mel joined Roslyn Wakari AFC in 2022 when she moved to Dunedin for university. She has been playing in the Women’s Reserves and took on the role of Team Manager in 2023.


Melanie Burt


Danil brings 4 years of diverse experience from Christchurch United, along with a sports education degree, OFC/NZF C license, TOVO coaching courses, and specialized training in scouting and game analysis from Barcelona’s top institutes.


Danil Kornilov

Football Development Director

Kris is from Invercargill where all his family are. He spent 16 years in the Gold Coast where he was a player, Mens & Women’s Head Coach, and Women’s Director at Broadbeach United. This club played a massive part in not only his coaching career but his life. In 2022 he moved to Dunedin, coaching
the Southern United Women, doubled with an FDO role with Southern Football.

Kris Ridley

Premier Men’s Coach

Coaching the RW Women’s Prems, since 2022, Arnon been coaching since childhood, assisting with junior teams, and later working for Capital Football and Coercer coaching. He joined the Uni women’s teams in 2019, coaching the 2nds until 2021. Arnon has involvement with Southern United football and Futsal age group squads, Māori football, and is the head coach for the Southern United Women’s Futsal team.

Arnon Tapp

Premier Women’s Coach

Roslyn Wakari


Subs are due by 31st May and will increase by 10% after this date. Payments can be paid in instalments or in full. To arrange instalments contact club Treasurer Mark Kliegl at

Please pay via direct debit: 03 0883 0020178 000 reference your name and team.









roslyn wakari A.F.C.

our history

Roslyn Wakari is one of NZ’s oldest football clubs, established in 1888 and it is based at Ellis Park in Kaikorai Valley, Dunedin.

The club’s history starts back in 1888 when the Wakari Football Association team played in the first local Dunedin league. This was only 44 years after the foundation of Dunedin. The Wakari AFC consisted of 14 members with 11 or 12 playing members. The first committee included Sir Robert Stout (Premier of NZ 1884 – 1897) as its President. The club obtained a farmer’s paddock, and a ditch was dug as the outline for the pitch. In 1890 the Wakari AFC changed its name to Roslyn AFC and then in 1895 the Roslyn AFC split into two clubs with the second becoming Wakari AFC. The next ten years saw friendly rivalry between the two clubs as they competed for the “Otago Banner”. In 1904 the two clubs amalgamated to become Roslyn Wakari AFC. The club went into recess from 1915 (initially due to World War I) until 1929 when they re-entered the Otago Football Association competition.

From 1897 the clubs home ground was the Asylum Ground (now Littlebourne Park) on Stuart Street. The ground was levelled and drained by the inmates from the Dunedin Asylum. In 1912 the ground was allocated jointly to the Boys High School and the Football Association. 

Roslyn Wakari AFC shifted its activities to Ellis Park when the ground was opened in 1929. Ellis Park included areas once used as an open-air swimming pool and an old tip site. The swimming pool was located in the area that is now the training ground above the present clubrooms.

In 1949 a 2 storey clubhouse was developed incorporating the old stables that had housed the horses that pulled carts to the tip and later when developing the sports grounds. The Club adopted the horses head as its logo in recognition of this connection. Some of the wood used in modifying the new Clubrooms came from the demolition of the old swimming pool.

The construction of the existing clubrooms, consisting of the lounge and the gymnasium was completed in 1971. The changing sheds and committee room were added soon after. Once the move to the new clubrooms had been made, the old 2 storey clubrooms was burnt down as a training exercise by the Roslyn Fire Brigade.
At the conclusion of the 2009 season the Club began a major refit of the lounge, kitchen and bar facilities. It is the first full renovation since the move from the Stables. The club celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013.


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