Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find out my teams draws and cancellations? These can be viewed on the Football South here.

Do I have to pay Subs? Yes!!! Subs info can be found here.

Can I hire the Club for my or Dads/Mums Birthday party? Yes indeed, contact Mark Black (Blackie) the Roslyn Bar manager -

Who do I contact to Sponsor the club? Get in touch with Gary or Wayne, you can find their contact details here.

Should I talk to the Newspaper or TV if questioned about any Roslyn Wakari matters? No, please direct any queries of this nature to the Club President.

If I witness anything on the field or off it that may require further investigation by the Club, Football South or the Police what should I do? Remain calm and try to remember all significant details, write them down when able. Importantly make sure you are safe and then assist if able - should aid be required. Also advise your Coach and the Club Captain as soon as you can on what you witnessed.

If I want to raise something with the committee, who do I approach? In the first instance your Club Captains are best, however the President and Secretary can assist if the matter is significant.

I want to challenge a Refs decision or an opposition players grading, who does that? In all cases the club Secretary Peter Verwey is the only person authorised to contact Football South, please do not attempt this yourself!

Can I buy Roslyn Wakari Apparel; you know, gear to wear off the football ground? Yes you can! Click here to visit the RWAFC shop. If you wish to add something or get a bulk team deal contact Dennis Landrebe the Club “Kitman”.

If I have an idea about fund raising for the club, who do I chat to? Fantastic, we are very keen to hear those ideas, contact the President, he will love you.

You talked about Code of Conduct and Ethics, where can I see the full publications of these? Excellent question, you can see these documents on the club notice wall or request copies via email at

As a member of Roslyn can I join the clubs Alumni? Yes, this is open to all members, former members and their families. If you want to know more about the Alumni you can visit

Does Roslyn Wakari have goals for this season and beyond? – These are stated in our strategic plan which is available on our here.