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Code of conduct

As a Club competing in the Football South leagues, Roslyn Wakari expects all Players, Members and Supporters to abide by the RWAFC and NZ Football Code of Ethics and Codes of Conduct.

These Codes cover the expectations of all Players, Coaches, Members and Supporters throughout the season including when training, playing, travelling and Club gatherings. These also include interacting with our wider community and engaging on social media such as Facebook etc. while representing Roslyn Wakari.

In the unlikely event you breach any behaviour expectations, on or off the field, Roslyn Wakari expect all costs arising from any fine related to disciplinary action, including Referee bookings to be covered by the Player.

Furthermore, in severe cases, the club will convene its judiciary panel and you will be required to appear before them. Your account at this meeting is very important as Roslyn Wakari can often assist should it escalate to a Football South judiciary or be of interest to the NZ Police.

However, this must be very clear, Roslyn Wakari has a Zero Tolerance for any form of Abuse – Racial, Religious, Sexual, Physical or Emotional. If you feel you have been subjected to any of these behaviours please contact either of the Club Captains for a confidential meeting.

It is important that all coaches keep themselves safe and not to put themselves at risk e.g. not being left alone with a child, not organising one on one individual coaching sessions, not contacting juniors, minors and others via social media etc.

If you have any Club related matters, please raise these, we in turn will endeavour to do our best to resolve issues and support you. Issues can be raised with your Coach as a starting point, however if you are not comfortable with this you can contact the Men’s or Women’s Club Captains directly. In all cases, anything brought to them will be dealt with confidentially.

At all times please

respect the opposition, your team mates, the ref, your Club and yourself.


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